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The Skypainters

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photo credits by Julia Dumchenko, Dasha Vinogradova, Wouter Brem, Niels Knelis (, Richard Wagenaar.


What does the Sky mean to me?

At all times on Earth, the sky shows people its combinations of colors and shades that never repeat! The sky is always boundless, deep, unique. It seems that it knows the answers to all questions, but remains silent, showing us that the real harmony is in color and light.


The Skypainters” is a project that imitates and reflects the sky through the mirror of musical interpretation, exploring different unique combinations of musical colors, harmony of lights and shadows, and a line-up of instruments.

The Band "The Skypainters" was founded by composer, arranger, guitar-player Kirill Dumchenko in 2017.

The original music of this project is unique combination of Modern Jazz music with a lot of influences from Classical music of the beginning 20th century, featuring Opera Voice.

The Skypainters can be interesting for wide range of audience, since the music has imrovisation parts, deep melodic concept, contemporary odd-meter.

The Skypainters is based in Groningen, the Netherlands. The band currently takes part in different Jazz / Musical festivals, plays in different venues.


The current Line-up:

* Andreia Florindo - Viola.

* Kirill Dumchenko - Guitar, Compositions, Arrangments, Artistic director.

* Tonke Suithoff - Acoustic piano, Keyboards.

* Brett Dougherty - Electric Bass.

* Petr Agapov - Drums.

* Machteld Vossen - Opera voice.

New single "Glimmer part I, Part II"

Latest reviews:

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