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I'm a composer, arranger, guitar player and producer, combining world music heritage in my cutting-edge music projects, believing that boundaries between musical genres in 21st century are very much blurring.


I'm an experienced and motivated musical educator, music theorist, trying to inspire my student getting out of their comfort zone and expand the boundaries of music.

I was born in Barnaul, Russia. I started my professional career as a Musician, Composer and Musical educator in Moscow. Now I currently live in Groningen, the Netherlands.

With love and passion I'm developing my musical style as a composer and guitar player, which I tend to call "Impressionistic Jazz", based on the project "The Skypainters". I'm very much inspired by Modern Jazz, Classical music of the beginning of the 20th century, Opera classical tradition, contemporary music.


* 2019 - 2021 The Prince Claus Conservatoire, Master degree in Music, York Jazz program.

* 2016 - 2020 The Prince Claus Conservatoire, Bachelor degree in Jazz program.

* 2011 - 2015 Gneiss Russian Academy Of Music, Moscow, Russian

Awards and Distinctions:

* 2020. Winner of the Scholarship of the Andrea Elkenbracht Fund, Groningen, The Netherlands.

* 2015. Third degree diploma All-Russian Festival-Competition "Multifaceted guitar" Nomination "Jazz".

* 2014. Diploma of the All-Russian Jazz Festival-Competition "Jazz Gnesin». Second degree diploma All-Russian Festival-Competition "Multifaceted guitar" Nomination "Jazz". Price of the Altai Jazz festival "Jazz Olympus 2014».

* 2013. Price of the All-Russian jazz Festival-Competition «Jazz Gnesin». Second degree diploma All-Russian competition festival «Multi-Faceted guitar» Nomination "Jazz Guitar".

* 2012. Diploma of the first stage of the All-Russian competition festival "Multi-faceted guitar" Nomination "Jazz Guitar". Participants of the Moscow Music Festival "Festos" Nomination "Classical Instrumental Music».

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