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Kirill Dumchenko

composer //
arranger //
guitar player //

sky painter //

4th January 2024

Screenshot 2024-01-04 at 19.48.08.png

A new Review from TheNextGig

The first news in 2024!

A review from TheNextGig magazine about The Skypainters "Elusive Moments" album's release concert at Explore The North festival, Leeuwarden.. 

Thank you so much Richard Wagenaar!

13th December 2023

Another review about "Elusive Moments"

Happy to share with you another review about my album "Elusive Moments" from Moors Magazine. 

Thank you so much Holly Moors!

11th November 2023

Review about "Elusive Moments" album

Today I've just received a review about my album "Elusive Moments" with my project The Skypainters. 


Thank you Nieuwe Noten and Ben Taffijn!

4th November 2023

06 The Skypainters - by Julia Dumchenko - web.jpg

The Skypainters perform"Elusive


Moments" live

We're happy to announce that on 26th November we'll play "Elusive Moments" concert at Explore the North festival!

The first time for us to perform in Leeuwarden!

We'll bring "Elusive Moments" CDs with an amazing design by Kalle Wolters and photography by Julia Dumchenko.

25th August 2023

Cover old_Skypainters Fullsize screen logo.jpg

debut album "Elusive Moments"

My dear friends, I am very excited to tell you that my first debut album "Elusive Moments" as a composer, guitarist, arranger and producer was released!

Get your digital version and support us on The Skypainters Bandcamp page.

We printed some CDs with amazing cover design. What can be better than listening to the music and holding beautiful piece of art in your hands? 

visit Merchandising page for details how you can get your CD copy.

26th June 2023


Jazz Opera "Scarlet Sails"

On 26th June 2023 happened very significant moment in my life: showcase of the first two scenes from my future Jazz Opera "Scarlet Sails", based on the novel by Alexander Grin.

For me as a composer, arranger and musician, it was a dream for a long time to combine my music and my musical vision together with classical opera tradition and create this one entity, which being brave enough I can call "Jazz Opera".

Kirill Dumchenko - composer, arranger, conceptual idea;

Ace McCarron - librettist;

Elsina Jansen - stage director;

Marina Torra Cabau and Michiel Nonhebel - opera singers;

The Skypainters - musicians;

Milo Kok - stage and lighting designer;

Julia Dumchenko - video filming.

23rd June 2023

The Night on Earth cover.jpg

"The Night On Earth" second release

The second single "The Night On Earth" from the upcoming


The Skypainters album "Elusive Moments" is out!

The whole album will be released on ZenneZ Records label on 25th of August 2023!

Check this out and let us know what you think!

(cover credit by Julia Dumchenko)

19th May 2023

The Skypainters - Dance.jpg

"Dance" single release

It is Happening!


"Elusive Moments" The Skypainters debut album is coming!

And here is the first single "Dance".

Check this out and let us know what you think!

The whole album will be released on ZenneZ Records label at the end of August!

(cover credit by Julia Dumchenko)

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