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Kirill Dumchenko

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19th May 2023

The Skypainters - Dance.jpg

"Dance" single release

It is Happening!


"Elusive Moments" The Skypainters debut album is coming!


Yes - yes!ase became so important?

It will be released on ZenneZ Records at the end of August!


And here is the first single "Dance".

Check this out and let us know what you think!

(cover credit by Julia Dumchenko)

15th March 2023

01 The Skypainters - by Julia Dumchenko - web.jpg

The Skypainters

"The pictures without beginning and ending" 
live at Het Batavierhuis, Rotterdam

A month ago I had a very spontaneous conversation about my project in a…  pharmacy. (The best place to talk about it, isn’t it? ). And my random companion asked me what “The Skypainters” is.

Unexpectedly for myself, I blurted out almost instantly - “It is the pictures without beginning and ending…


Well, after this phrase, I felt very strange... But over time, it started to make a lot of sense to me what I said back then. And I even started to dream to name our next concert after that.

So, are you curious to know why that phrase became so important?
24th March, 20:00 Het Batavierhuis Rotterdam
See you there?

(photo credit by Julia Dumchenko)

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