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Music lessons

I do not remember why I started to listen to music and to learn how to play it. But there was not a single day in my life that I regretted about it.

For me playing music, composing is something I really need to do every day. Why? Just simply because it makes me feel better and happier. What a great pleasure to percept and enjoy the music you just composed and played..! What an endless energy it has..! And I want to share this unique experience with people.

I'm currently teaching at The Prince Claus Conservatoire and Kielzog Theatre.

List of disciplines that I teach:


I have more than 14 years experience of teaching Guitar and Music Online (Jazz, Rock, Classical, Acoustic), including handout materials in -pdf. And, to be honest, I really enjoy teaching!

I'm currently working with students of different ages and levels: from an absolute beginner to an already experienced musician.


Lessons can be given in English, Dutch and Russian languages. You can have lessons personally, if you live in Groningen. Or we can arrange lessons through Skype or other platform of your choice.

Duration: 30 min or 45 min.

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